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Originally Posted by frank_b View Post
I've seen more professional looking mods on
That's bloody hideous!

Not to mention slow as hell..

Atom or anything less =

Probably has some god awful slow disk controller stuffed on the system board too making for a wonderful experience! You may as well buy the real thing to do your C64 duties and have a mid-range laptop for the rest!

Originally Posted by thgill View Post
While I can't speak for everyone on EAB, I think the bottom line is that we just don't care. Keep it classic, keep it Old Skool.

I agree 100% with that statement... but I do care that some half-wit is dragging the good name of Commodore/Amiga and re-branding stuff which is not what these names stand for.

It's like if I bought the name 'Cray' and stuck it on a Atari ST.
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