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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
hehehe sorry I didn't mean to sound rude, I know this is a labour of love for you.. I just don't see the point at those FPS's...

Still you might get some magic going and get it running 12fps+
NP, i agree that 4 fps is not really enjoyable for a 3D action game. But this will not be an action game, you will move in 3D yes, but the combat will be 2D, heroes of might and magic strategic style. Also there will be NPCs with dialogs of quests , story, and such. Still, i know most people would not want to play it simply because it's that slow. Don't forget there are 3 view sizes, and personnaly on my 030 that goes only at 28Mhz, i would enjoy it at the medium screen size.
But anyway, there is WinUAE, and you can easily get 50 fps on this one if you're not happy with your real Amiga

Why is it that slow ? a fiew years agoo i would have said: because i suck and am not a pro
Now my answer changed a bit: i still suck, but the hires mode did help a lot to slow it even more down. Hires mode does not only mean you have to draw 2x more amount for the same screen size than on a loRes screen, but just the fact that the hires mode is active slows even more down the process of drawing on the screen, because hires does slow down chip memory even more than it already is. Ah well, next time i'll go lores

Originally Posted by nujack View Post
Here are my results, tested on A4000/060 with 50MHz:

Qon2011old = 6.7 fps
Qon2011new = 7.2 fps

There is no difference if you start the executable from Harddisk or FastRam(same values).
So Qon2011new is a little bit faster. BTW there is now a nice dungeon in that version.
Nice, thank you

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