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Originally Posted by bippym View Post
Ermmmm... I don't want to sound like a bit of a weasle but 3fps on an 040... Is this for GFX card end machines or WinUAE???

Lord Riton I believe you should ditch this and do that new game you have been on about.. You know the Captive/DM style!
Well, let's hope this night someone comes and just erazes qon from my HD, then you could be sure i would definituvely go to that DM style game

Oh, wait, i saved the sources on sourgeforge, ah well, no luck

Originally Posted by NathanTolbert View Post
A4000D 060 @ 50MHz

Old - 4.1
New - 5.0

Looks very nice though.
On WinUAE it ran over 100 in both.
Wow ! impressive, you are sure you did not mixup old and new tests ? if this is confirmed i'm a really really happy guy I was sure that new routine was better, and that WinUAE just lied to me

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