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Originally Posted by DDNI View Post
Initially files were not executable. Fixed this in .info
Running the files from a fully loaded WB the first screen shows up but with a grey background and yellow buttons I select large and editor then hit start. Mouse pointer freezes and needs a reset.
Running from prompt with wb loaded without SCALOS, forst screen loads but with a grey background and yellow buttons I choose Large and editor then hit start nothing happens. mouse pointer does not freeze. Need reset though.
I got this problem too today. I don't know from where it comes. I tought it comes from my new devpac 3 assembling, so i used my devpac 2, uploaded the zip, then it worked. But guess it's still not working for everyone, hmm, weird..

Anyway, thanks for testing, and the fact that you got better results with QON2011new makes me a bit happy at least even if DaxB got better results from QON2011old apparently.
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