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Hi everyone...

While I don't post here very often (mostly because my sense of humour would get on your nerves like it does with certain folk on I thought after the spate of good guys leaving in recent days that I'd just pop by here and ask how do you guys manage to keep all this CUSA crap out of your site. or soon to be renamed has got way beyond a joke now with the amount of ruddy CUSA threads on it and I'm copping all the flack for being so Anti-CUSA over there. Heck even Transitions starting ruddy threads about CUSA.

I wish Pyro had the power to end it all but it doesn't look like it.

How do you guys manage to keep this site CUSA free...

PS:If anyones interested here's the REAL CUSA Videos...

Help save guys, it's sinking faster than CUSA's credibility...

[ Show youtube player ]

[ Show youtube player ]
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