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Need Help for testing

Hello all,

I recently re-wrote my chunky to planar sub-routine for my QON game, and i got badly surprised that it ended beeing slower than my old one.
I suspect this to be the case because i'm on WinUAE. I have a real Amiga 1200 + 68030 + 8MB Ram, but i cannot transfer files between my PC and my amiga. (Well i did it to transfer my whole Amiga HD once but it was a pain in the a.. , had to use another PC).
I would like to ask you, if you have a real Amiga, if you could help me in testing this please. Would be nice to help, thank you.

Test instructions:

Download the file with this link: QON EXECUTABLES

unzip them where ever you want, but keep the repertory structure like it is in the zip file.

- Launch Qon2011old,
- choose "LARGE" screen size (even if you have a slow Amiga, doesn't matter)
- choose "EDITOR" mode, and push the START buton.
- push "Load level" and choose "Nargoth" (with a left mouse click on it)
- push "Continue with that level"
- push "Move in 3D" without moving the mouse button, this is important to be sure both tests are done for the exact same view.
- Wait at least a minute without moving the mouse and without pushing any key, then note the 2nd number that you see at the botom of the 3D view. It's the averadge framerate since you have hit the "Move in 3D" button.
- Repeat this with Qon2011new
- tell me both numbers you got and if possible what Amiga you used (processor, MHz, memory)

Thanks in advance.

I will start the test:

Test Results:

- Qon2011old = 24.1 fps
- Qon2011new = 16.6 fps

On my PC with WinUAE
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