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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I agree a lot with you. They're just a company that wants to make some money and nostalgia kicks, and they also want to kind of be special again by using the "in keyboard" designs. So what if it's the same brand as the old computers we love? It doesn't ruin everything, unless you are a weak and affectable person. I think the idea of selling computers in a C64 case is very cool. If you have some money and want a little browser, chat, music etc machine, how cool wouldn't it to have the C64 one on your desk and play some good old retro games on it? The look changes the feeling, at least for many.

I agree that their ambitions might be too high, but it would be rather dull if they put no soul into it. Before you attack me because I said "soul": There was actually quite a lot work put into this CUSA stuff, even for the GNU/Linux rubbish stuff. Give them some respect. If they wanted much much more money then they would sell high-end machines in a cool demon chassis for teenagers. The fact that they care about the older designs shows that they are targeting us instead of the casual computer user.
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