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I was taking a look at Individual Computers and I saw this:
re-configurable computer

With the C-One, we've built a computer system that is completely based on programmable logic chips, so-called FPGAs. The board is meant for FPGA developers and C64 enthusiasts, but also for collectors who want to own a milestone of computer history:

To our knowledge, the C-One is the world's first re-configurable computer.

The C-One is not limited to 8-bit systems. The Minimig core turns it into an Amiga clone with market's best hardware instrumentation available for a Minimig. Find out more on the C-One webseite.

Perhaps I shoudn't open this thread as I have no idea how to programate a logic chip and so..., but I want to know more about it, if it can be used inside a C64 or if it's thought for it, as they say something about C64 enthusiasts.

I've asked moderators and there's no thread opened about it.

It's for sale (333€), and I would like to know what people can do/has done with it.

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