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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Not that i can find the source now, ofcourse, that had been to easy*sigh* so i'll have to say i might be wrong, but i'm fairly sure i read that it was a deriviate design from a previous chip-design. Nothing wrong with that, thats the way everyone does it. Take the good bits, replace them with something new, and try to get a better end result.
Completely incorrect.

Originally Posted by Mr B
Elektron's SidStation?

Actually, left over stockpiles of the SID chips were used for a LOT of things, heck, even Jens made a box that use the chip for it's soundqualities, if my memory isn't all wired wrong. (you have to find/install the SID yourself tho. No stock)
You said MOS sold it to other companies to recoup development costs, the SidStation wasn't made until 1999, well after MOS and Commodore's demise.
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