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Originally Posted by desiv View Post
I'm a bit confused by some of this...
Are we all talking ONLY PCMCIA connected CF cards?
Or are some people talking CF cards on the IDE chain or some combination??
Just trying to make sure...
And are we saying that with the ACA1230's, some CF cards that worked before in the PCMCIA slot's don't while the 1230's are plugged in???

My problem was that a CF card in the PCMCIA port would always be seen as NDOS IF I plugged in my ACA 1230 WHILST using a Transcend CF card as an IDE HD.

If I unplugged either the ACA or the IDE HD the PCMCIA would work. I replaced the IDE Transcend card with a Sandisk Ultra II and it all works together as it should.....phew, hope that makes sense
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