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Originally Posted by fitzsteve View Post
Hey Marios,

He says the PCMCIA issue with 1D1 Mobo's is appearing when he uses this CF card type.

I have these x133 Transcend in my Amiga's working fine as well, but as you know I also have this PCMCIA issue although I'm not using the Trancend in this Amiga, I'm using a Verbatim 300x.

On reading this though I will try one of my Kingston CF and see if that makes any difference
Problem solved. I've now got a Sandisk 4GB Ultra II installed and the A1200 now has no trouble seeing the PCMCIA drive.

The Transcend gives trouble with WinUAE too, crashing part way through making a hdf image of the card and when it's mounted as a second drive it's very unreliable, so I'm guessing it's a dodgy card all round.

Very glad it's sorted now though and the ACA 1230 is flying along .
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