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Originally Posted by Hewitson View Post

The SID was a brand new product, designed from the ground up by Bob Yannes exclusively for the Commodore 64. It being used in any other products is news to me, please name some.
That was kind of my point. I understand that nowadays there is more integration of third party chips (I worked on an LTE chip project this year but comparing selecting PC components with the the development of SID is insane IMHO. I'm saying this as an embedded software engineer.

If he wants to buy one more power to him but this is a standard mini ITX board I'd bet. Choosing what graphics card to plug into your PC doesn't make someone a hardware engineer! The comments he made about SID are funny.
I hope the astroturfing hasn't started? This is sad rebadging crap. It's not worthy of the Commodore name.

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