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I use the following:
- Icon.library : 46.4.198 (in the ROM)
- WarpPNG.datatype: 45.14
- Datatypes.library : 44.48 (in the ROM)
- Picture.datatype : 45.17
- PNG.datatype : 44.6
- zlib.library : 3.2

I haven't used Gunther Nickel's PNGdt, since I have WarpDT registered and I love them. Tbh, I don't really care for the memory loss, since I'll never use PNG icons on my A600, but even if I do on my A1200 AGA mode, I would convert them in 8bit via Icon information so no harm done

I kinda understood better the versioning stuff, although... although... even with Version FULL I get 46.4 in the ROM icon.library and 46.3.198 in the icon.library in an hard drive path
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