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Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
The MB loss isn't fixed. I think it's better but still many MB missing. The problem occurs on 46.4.198 as I just tested it.
It only happens on Ken's Icons. On MasonIcons you don't loose almost no RAM.
(Are Ken's Icons different by any chance? Dual PNG)
Ken's icons are Dual PNG and thus depend on the datatypes.library, the picture.datatype and the akPNG/ PNGdt / WarpPNG.datatype when you use them with my icon.library. MasonIcons are OS4 icons and just need the zlib-library 3.20 for decoding with my icon.library.

So, which version of these libs do you use. Did you already try PNGdt from Gunther Nickel. It has no memloss on my system.

The version command has a different behaviour concerning the version of libraries which are installed in memory and running in the system and those which are stored in the filesystem. And there are also different version commands, of course. Type 'Version ?' into a shell for the syntax. If you type just 'Version xy.library' then you get the internal version of the installed library. If you type 'Version Libs:xy.library' you should get the version of the stored library. You cand also add FILE or FULL as arguments. With FULL the complete $VER: versionID string should be displayed, with copyright, date, build revision or whatever info is available.
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