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Relying on emulation is such a joke. The whole "Home Theatre Media PC" community has gone on for years about how movies use that precise 23.978 fps. That screen judder for even the untrained eye can clearly see frame skips from 48fps on a 60hz ntsc display.

And they are trying to bank on NTSC land with this when c64 and Amiga is the WORST to try and get smooth scrolling text since pretty much everything out there is 50 FPS PAL, and forcing a 50hz display causes really bad flicker on many ntsc displays.

They are in one heck of a bumpy road when it comes to calls flooding in asking how they can load their pre-existing disk collection in. They say buy em again on the app store? What about old stuff like geneology, art files, letters, etc.

It's gonna be a train wreck.
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