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Originally Posted by frank_b View Post
What? Custom video chip, custom ROM and SID(!) You think selecting a PC mobo, applying a Commodore badge and sticking it in a custom case is equivalent to the engineering that made the C64 and its ancestors? Seriously? Custom ICs 30 years ago vs a molded case? Even the embedded software on the C64 would have cost serious in house time, effort and money. I bet the hardware and software engineering team at Commodore weren't cheap.
I think you read my text, and just didn't understand it.
Was the SID a standalone, from the ground up, new product? No, it was one of the (at the time) latest SID's, developed to follow some specs. Was it more advanced, or more expensive to develop then any of the "Intel High Definition Audio" chips popular in todays computers?

Todays computer / electronics industrial development has come far enough that it has little to do with chip development, and all to do with going through specs defining what you need and putting it together. Your still paying for development, but your paying less, since you share this development cost with others.
Funny how that works... The SID, was used for a few different things then the C64. Just like everyone else, MOS technology was trying to bring home some profit to make up for the development costs.
Buying inhouse, or buying from a external developer, it's the same thing, your still just buying a product that fits your specs.

As far as i can tell, the motherboard stuck inside the "new and improved C64" isn't a generic PC motherboard, but something that has been targeted at this system from the start. Mainly due to space constraints. But, admittedly, i haven't seen one, so i ain't going to swear on that.

This whole thing with "everything isn't created on commodores own plant" is just silly, it never was that way, and today, nobody works that way, not even Intel. The largest competitor Intel has, doesn't even make there own CPU's. They have someone else make them for them. Times have changed, and the way you build electronics have changed with them. There isn't necessary better or worse, as both methods obviously works. One thing is for sure tho. The way it's done today is cheaper for the end costumer, and hence we actually see new "C64" machines on the market, as compared to the old days, when that just wouldn't have happened.

I'm still not buying one, but i'm more tempted then ever by these 'conversations'.
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