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Originally Posted by Mr B View Post
Selecting the hardware that goes into the box you put your sticker on, and taking in to account the time those who designed that hardware spent on the design, and the research spent on developing the bits the hardware is built on, i'd say the new flavor has a lot more time under it's belt then the original C64. Claiming time spent on engineering to be a factor in all of this, is just not a working argument. Commodore didn't exactly spent the time developing every bit of the C64, they took what they could off the shelves, and slapped something together with the least effort they could.

The above is not a statement saying that i think this is a good product, i have no idea. I'm not getting one, thats for sure. I'm just commenting on what i see as a flawed argument.
What? Custom video chip, custom ROM and SID(!) You think selecting a PC mobo, applying a Commodore badge and sticking it in a custom case is equivalent to the engineering that made the C64 and its ancestors? Seriously? Custom ICs 30 years ago vs a molded case? Even the embedded software on the C64 would have cost serious in house time, effort and money. I bet the hardware and software engineering team at Commodore weren't cheap.


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