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I really don't see what all the fuss is about...
They are trying to make money. They want to capitalize on the Commodore name.
They have a really nice looking case that they are going to put a PC in..
Commodore wasn't some idealized company in a creative computer wonderland.. (That would be Amiga)..
They were a ruthless company that would do anything to make money, and got lucky with the C64. An incredible product that they could undercut the competition with and control the market..
So, this new Commodore USA wants to make money off of the name? So would the old Commodore... I don't see a problem with that...
To be honest, I think it's VERY Commodore, and it almost feels like they are back. ;-)

Now, saying that.. I think it will probably fail..
It's a bad time to release "cute, custom PCs," with laptops, netbooks, tablets, even phones taking over....

So, my guess is, it will be a big deal, and then fail because even the people who remember Commodore fondly and aren't insulted, just won't feel they need one so much that they'll pay extra for it...

And we will be able to go on talking about how Commodore failed again..

It's all just like it was.. ;-)

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