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Making progress. New problem. DOpus.

Someone might have guessed it when i asked about the installer issue i had, and yes, i was trying to install DOpus 4.16. I got sidetracked, after i figured out how to get the installer running, so this issue hasn't been noticed until now. When i try to run DOpus i get a error message. The popup is named "Software Failure" and the text reads:

Program failed (error #8000000B).
Wait for disk activity to finish.

Suspend & Reboot are my alternatives. Suspend closes the window, and reboot brings a red on black "Software failure" look, and then the system boots as normal.

Any ideas as to what i can / should do?
(WinUAE, physical harddrive on IDO0)


Aparently the answer is, don't use DOpus 4.16. Moving on, no DOpus for me.

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