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Cool Live long and prosper


My adventure started when I bought Commodore 64 with almost a year-worth of saved candy money. I was hooked in an instant. When I saw my friend's A500 I knew I should have saved another year-worth. Couldn't get Amiga of my own, but I was able to borrow it on semi-regular basis to pull all-nighters defending earth from unknown enemies in their UFOs or orchestrating demise of competing syndicates. After getting PC "for school" I was Commodore-less for over a year, but managed to track my old C64 and buy it back for six pack of beer. A600 followed promptly to deliver tonnes of fun

So here I am. X1000 news rekindled almost forgotten spark, so I got myself A500 to survive till Natami and in the mean time I'm totally blown away by amount of creativity and passion still alive in Amiga community.

Artur // int21h
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