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I am sure I am part of a minority of Amiga users that like the CDTV and would like to have one that is upgraded to at least 020 (030 would be even better) w/4mb to 8mb, or more Fast RAM and an IDE controller. It does not make any logical sense, but there are lots of Amiga add-on's that don't make much sense. I guess other than maybe keeping one A1000 stock with the original 68000, I basically want all of my Classic Amigas to be faster and have more RAM so they can run more of the available Amiga software and games.

To the person that wondered how to get 2mb Chip RAM on the CDTV cheaply and easily, I have already had a DKB MegaChip installed in my old CDTV to get 2mb Chip RAM, so that works for me.

As for why do it, I say why not? The CDTV has the most unique computer case of any Amiga produced and fits nicely in the living room with the rest of your stereo and TV gear. It could be a very nice looking ECS WHDLoad machine if properly upgraded.
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