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Ah Electron (listed in wikipedia as suspected to be responsible for the wank worm) had an amiga at least by jan 90 (according to underground book) and the wank worm was in oct 16 1989 (according to So chances are it probably was an amiga (if it was Electron, of which there is no proof)

You gave me so many docos... I would like to see that one but I don't think you gave it to me???

And I thought there were no amiga users in outer suburbs in those days but there was assange hacking away on his amiga just a few suburbs away! I had a modem in those days too..... a high speed for the times 2400 baud.... but I had not even the slightest inkling about any of this stuff.

Love how they called it a "pokey" $700 computer .... with its multitasking in late 80s a hell of a lot more convenient than a $2000 dos-based PC for doing such things I should think.

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