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....interesting results like no png icon on the disk icon, and instead the png icon showed as a file named disk in the root of the folder.
This happens when you copy a project icon or a program icon with a disk image from an icon collection to of your drive. It has the wrong icon type. '' in the root directory must really have the type 'disk'. But the icon collections can't display any icons of the type 'disk'. They won't be visible.
Thus, most of the disk icons in the icon collections are of the type 'program' or 'project'.

So, what to do to convert the type automactically to 'disk' ?
Hmm, RAM:BlaBla didn't help, sorry.
Select the drive and use WB:icon->information which should display the image.
Change the type to 'disk', change the name to something else and save.

I hope that works ?!? And yes, of course, you can still use the PowerIcons patch. But you must decide yourself what you prefer to save. Saving with the PowerIcons patch will drop the selected (glow) image, but saving with my icon.library will covert the PNG TrueColor images into 8 bit OS 3.5 style. At leat ATM.

Update following at: [url]

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