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Originally Posted by PeterK View Post
Thank you for your suggestions. Indeed, the black pixels won't need the SNE. I've overseen this, because in some previous versions there was still a certain level of darkness (AND.L #$00F1F1F1, D1) used as the criteria for transparency and also a little different code.
It tricked me at first too . I could see experimenting with the algorithm more to better recognize transparent pixels. The current algorithm is fast though.

As you already know, my knowledge of the 68040/60 and the according optimization is nearly zero. But I will make use of your hints, of course. THANKS!
It's never too late to learn . The Natami N68k processors are designed very similar to the 68060 so it will become more common. The change/use penalty is explained in this Natami thread...

I've improved my understanding and assembler coding from this thread as some concepts like this are not documented very well.
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