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Roll eyes (sarcastic) Good news and Bad news

Good news
I have made my own encrypt dms file to test the decrypt new function in xdms for the Amiga.

Bad news
I have tried to decrypt my own dms file by typing in CLI/SHELL window

xdms c path:filename.dms

Now it should show you your password but when I get to this stage it counts up crc numbers and that’s it. Left it doing this for 15 mins but when I came back it was still counting so I quit the emulator. So it is not straightforward and looks like it takes a long time to do this.

If you do manage to decrypt password you then type

xdms u -p password path:filename.dms path:filename.adf

Now I give up, I wish there was a quicker way to do this.

Sorry I cannot be anymore helpful.

Ian: Removed screenshot.

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