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Again, just proves what i know. Currently WinUAE is copying my harddrive to a HDF, so i cant test it, but i now know which window your thinking of... And what i meant with the fist sentence is shown now... You can CHANGE stuff in there? I know there are tick-boxes for file attributes, but that was it in my mind... The more i learn, the less i understand, this is not going to well i am afraid.

Sorry, i'll try my best not to ask TO many stupid questions. I'll get back to you all on this topic in a bit.

Never did get back to ya all on this. Indeed, c:installer worked just as intended. And saves some space used for my copy of installer in the directory, if left undeleted... (It's a neater way, and should have been that way to start with i guess.)
Thanks Anakiron. It was to obvious, i wouldn't have figured it out on my own... *sigh* i over complicate everything.

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