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Originally Posted by AmigaDave View Post
Not exactly a pre-order, but if anyone would organize putting together a group of a few hundred CDTV owners that are willing to pay for such an accelerator, Jens would apparently listen to them.
If someone comes up and states "hey, you know this product you don't believe in? Well, i do. I believe in it enough to order 500 without them even being more then an idea. Hit me up in a week, and give me a delivery window." then ofcourse he can justify the development. But judging by the amount of people i know owning a CDTV, and the willingness of them to spend money on them, i understand why he isn't exactly pushing the issue on his own. Demand isn't high enough.
(Number of known CDTV's amongst my friends... 0 Will to spend money on something like a CDTV amongst my friends... Are you kidding? They look at me and ask if i'm nuts when i tell them i bought a few things for like 20 euro for the Amiga. I haven't told them i spent another 250 on a ACA 1230/56 yet...)

On top of everything, don't get me wrong, but with a accelerator in a CDTV, you get close to, but not quite there, a A600/1200, with a accelerator. If you want that experience, why not just get one of those? Dont get me wrong, i would love to put a CDTV under my LG LCD TV, just to the right of the A1200, above the XboX, and above & to the right of my PSX. It looks slick. But it doesn't provide anything you cant have with the rest of the Amiga family.
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