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Originally Posted by HenryCase View Post
Jens doesn't believe in user pre-orders.
I ran the thread on through Yahoo's web page translator and found a post by Jens that said if someone were to bring him an order for a few hundred, he would build a CDTV Turbokarte (accelerator). Not exactly a pre-order, but if anyone would organize putting together a group of a few hundred CDTV owners that are willing to pay for such an accelerator, Jens would apparently listen to them.

I for one would be willing to pre-order a CDTV accelerator that would fit into the standard CDTV case, as I don't know of any accelerators designed for the A500/A2000 that fit and the couple of CDTV accelerators that were ever produced are impossible to find these days.

It would be great to have an 020, or 030 w/8mb to 64mb Fast RAM & an IDE controller w/IDE to CF adapter for the CDTV that all fit inside the original case without any cutting of the sheet metal. Also, it would be beneficial if the original CD drive in the CDTV could be replace with a standard drive somehow, as the original CD drives can't last forever.

If anyone wants to put together a list of potential buyers for a CDTV accelerator, put me on the list. Maybe I will suggest such a list to the webmaster at
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