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Originally Posted by AVH_2009 View Post
I wouldt like to get an fully 68030 with IDE/DMA Supported Card for the A500 and the A2000 and the cost of 200 will be not to expensive for me.

The A1200 Turbocard plugin feature looks cool, but why i shouldt by 2 allercators for one mashine?

Then i plug my Phoenix Turnoboard from georg into the cpu socket of my A500 plus and im faster then the oldstyle 68020 cpu.
Sorry but sometimes some more Power for us wouldt be fine.
I think Jens feels that there are many A500 owners but much fewer % of them (than for later models) are willing to spend a lot of money expanding it like you do.

@Andy: I can agree that for CDTV/CD32 that might suffice, but Jens will only make one accelerator, I'm sure. For all Amigas with a 68000 DIL socket, an IDE interface is absolutely vital and a huge boost in usability, even those with a CD drive; even those with a big ol' (or new) harddisk - as a quick transfer solution and instant system-disk, putting it all inside and still leaving room to fit a card, a harddisk - or other nice internal expansions...
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