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Originally Posted by AVH_2009 View Post
I wouldt like to get an fully 68030 with IDE/DMA Supported Card for the A500 and the A2000 and the cost of 200€ will be not to expensive for me.

The A1200 Turbocard plugin feature looks cool, but why i shouldt by 2 allercators for one mashine?

Then i plug my Phoenix Turnoboard from georg into the cpu socket of my A500 plus and i´m faster then the oldstyle 68020 cpu.
Sorry but sometimes some more Power for us wouldt be fine.
I think Jens feels that there are many A500 owners but much fewer % of them (than for later models) are willing to spend a lot of money expanding it like you do.

@Andy: I can agree that for CDTV/CD32 that might suffice, but Jens will only make one accelerator, I'm sure. For all Amigas with a 68000 DIL socket, an IDE interface is absolutely vital and a huge boost in usability, even those with a CD drive; even those with a big ol' (or new) harddisk - as a quick transfer solution and instant system-disk, putting it all inside and still leaving room to fit a card, a harddisk - or other nice internal expansions...
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