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"Unable to open your tool 'Installer' "-Workbench 3.1

So, as promised, i can keep going with stupid questions, forever. And yeah, i do try and solve them on my own first.
Got this software, it has a installer, i try and run it, and i get a error message. "Unable to open your tool 'Installer'" Ooookay... Um.. I hit my favorite forum, and a few moments later i realize that it's simply a tool that should be on the floppies, or if i want a updated version, on aminet. Ok, so i should put this in Workbench/C. Great, thats it, now then. Still no luck. So, clearly, i'm missing something.

It's a clean install, this is the first thing getting moved in to the system, on WinUAE. This is a learning experience, trying to get some experience so that i can make a better suited config for my real Amiga. Assume that my knowledge is zero, and you get quite close to the truth.
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