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Re: How to do VideoCDs with Amiga

Originally posted by dcr8520
How I can do (easly) VCDs on Amiga ??

Trying VCDGear, it says invalid pack type
Use VCDImager, it is able to generate VCD 1.1, VCD2, S-VCD and HQ-VCD files.

It creates two files: videocd.bin and videocd.cue. The CUE file has to be edited slightly (should be described in vcdimager's docs), then you can brun the stuff with BurnIt Pro.

then I try to convert a mpg with ffmpeg (-vcd option), but it is very slow! 80Mb converted in about 7 hours with my 060!! :-(

please, suggestions of what program to use, methods, or suicide forms are welcome
I never tried to do that with an 68k Amiga, so I can't say anything about typical converting times. But honestly, what do you expect? Raw CPU power is not exactly a classic Amiga's strong point.
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