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Originally Posted by the wolf View Post
What about a secret ending or sort of?
For example if you manage to find all the Trophies, or/and all the secret rooms, or/and kill the LEvel 6 UFO, and so on...
Something that push you to play the game in every little bit...
Originally Posted by TheCyberDruid View Post
You mean like the 'you get the girl and save the entire planet and there is fireworks and the president of the world thanks you' kinda ending? I would second that idea
Excuse me, why not?
If you manage to master entirely the game, if you discover all the secrets, I think it's a good idea to have, if not a different ending, a sort of "easter egg", something that can push you further the usual game.
Or, like other games out there, you can have a "proper" ending only if you finish it with the maximum difficulty, it's just another idea, if you don't like it... oh well, that's fine!
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