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If anyone is still looking for a 56MHz part there might be some in the Switzerland regions. I put down an order for one that was shipped today. (Well, thats what they tell me. Never dealt with the shop b4, as the language isn't really my thing.) Here. I asked how many they had left, but didn't get a response. The website claims "stock ok" so i guess at least one more...
Oh, and i ended up having to use the email form to place an order, at least for me, FireFox doesn't want to let the site work so nothing gets put in the shopping cart, ever. No idea whats going on there. Ended up getting blazing fast responses. Sort of regret not asking for a clock chip, (they aren't listed on the site, so no idea if they can provide. Edit Oops, my bad, they have the clock-chip listed as an option, so they should be able to provide. Perhaps you'd get a question, if the shopping cart would work./Edit) but i'll try and get one when i order the upcoming Indivision AGA MKII from AmigaKit.
How did you get on? Received ok or confirmation of despatch?

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