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Originally Posted by ndial View Post
so it's pure luck then! we all agree on that aren't we?
I don't agree. AmigaKit has sent me a Rev 1.D4 board that supposedly has the "graphics garbage" problem, but I haven't been able to reproduce the bug. Vesalia has sent back a few ACA1230 that supposedly show 0MB of memory, but they show all 64M on all boards here.

I will continue to investigate this, and up to now, it seems like those boards that misbehave at the customer's site behave perfectly well here in the shop. It may well be a power supply ripple problem, and I have more than one idea how to fix it - maybe even on the ACA1230 side.

I'll keep you informed. If you want to help, try to see if there's a difference with a different power supply.

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