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Originally Posted by fpgaarcade View Post
Thanks Dave.
Here is the story..............

If all goes well then I will build 44 RevB(2) boards in a few weeks. If they test out fine, they become available for general sale.

There is no point announcing or taking money before you have a product, although I hear that things are normally done a little differently around these parts
Just because some other companies or individuals that try to sell products to the Amiga community don't do things right, doesn't mean we want you to change anything from what you have been doing so far. Edit: I am not suggesting anyone, or any company in particular. I was thinking more about a particular company that took $50 of mine years ago and returned nothing.

Keep up the great work and thanks again for being so clear and often with your project updates. Too bad you had to scrap that amount of PCB's, but I am sure it is for the best and is a testament to your dedication for quality production. Others might have tried to sell the defective, or less than perfect boards and just correct the problem after they were sold for the next production run.

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