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Thanks for the replys!

Originally Posted by kipper2k View Post
Did you try cleaning the edge connector for the ACA card? it is possible that one of the signals is dirty, maybe slide it on and off a few times to try to score the traces a little. I always use green plastic scouring pad to clean them. When i was building the cf adapters i was getting that message occasionally. Once i flushed the pins in isopropyl it would clear up.
Hey Kipper,

I didn't try cleaning it as otherwise the A1200 is working perfect, just put the screws back in but will give that a shot next time the lids off.

Originally Posted by mfilos View Post
Steve my friend do you have CardReset, CardPatch after ACATune declaration?
I had the lock-up when my 3Com (3c589.device) was accessed by Genesis under A600 and ACA630. Luckily CardPatch fixed the issue (CardReset is not needed) although everyone claims that A600 doesn't need any of these 2 utils for PCMCIA to work correctly.
Dunno if I'm too unlucky or both my boards were some evil Commodore ones (lol) but I had this issue in 2 revisions (1.5 and 2D) in the past and both worked just fine after CardPatch command.
Hi Marios,

Yes, I have these installed and they're after ACA Tune then next I have C:SetPrism2Defaults... etc

I forgot to mention that in my other post.

At a loss as to what I should try next

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