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Hi Jens,

Thanks for the reply.

I still can't get PCMCIA working on my A1200 with ACA1230/28

My Motherboard Revision is 1D1, I don't know if you or maybe even FOL had any PCMCIA problems with this revision?

I've tried with ACATune Enabled/Disabled and every option individually and serveral combinations, if the ACA is connected the PCMCIA does not work properly.

I have 3.0 Roms (Jumper in place) and use Maprom to kick 3.1, I've also tried with Maprom Disabled.

My CF Adapter shows up the CF card as CF0:NDOS and if I try to use my Netgear MA401 the System locks up as soon as the Prism2.device is accessed.

Of course I have all the correct drivers/libs/file systems installed, if you look at my Sig you might notice I'm not really a novice.

I swapped out the ACA for my 4mb upgrade and everything is working fine so I know the PCMCIA port its self is functional.

Any help appreciated before I pop this ACA1230/28 back up for sale.



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