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forgive me as i am a scummvm newbie and start this post with NO idea about its usage...

i have tried to boot simon2 off the files that come with the amiga-cd-version. i am using the aca1230/56. pal lowres and paula 8bit mono at 8000hz. first of all i also found scummvm to be very slow in general use. then i could not choose the exact directory for the game files. it would just let me choose dh0: dh1: and so on. no subdirs. so i copied the simon2 files to dh0: and the game at least seemed to be recognized by scummvm. i did not change any settings and directly started simon2 - with no luck, just a black screen.

is there something special about simon2?

will the dead slow scummvm become faster, once it doesn't downcalculate to 256 colors anymore when a game is started?

how do i get to the subdirs when trying to add a game?

best regards!
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