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Thanks Dave.
Here is the story.

I have parts to build 54 RevB boards. I got the first 10 built, and they work well, but the spacing between the DVI and audio jack is a bit tight. That I could live with, but I made a mistake with the SVHS output circuit - it can be modified on the board, but I am not doing that for 100s of cards.

So, I made a pretty tough decision to scrap the unmounted PCBs and fix the problem. This is happening now.

At the same time, 8 of these first boards have gone out to beta testers to make sure the hardware is stable. The core is not really ready for general release yet, so I can only cope with a few testers.

If all goes well then I will build 44 RevB(2) boards in a few weeks. If they test out fine, they become available for general sale.

There is no point announcing or taking money before you have a product, although I hear that things are normally done a little differently around these parts
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