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Well, I guess gaming was never inteded to "replace" reality in first place. That´s why I can´t understand why someone would make a computer version of Monopoly or any other board game (Unless they do something like Space Hulk, which is different enough from the board game to be fun to play). The only good thing with computer versions of board games is when you don´t have anyone around to play with you, then you can play against the computer.

So, even if while you´re playing Quake III in your bedroom, kill people certainly has nothing to do with press a few buttons and move your mouse around. As much as make food has nothing to do with press the mouse button at the microwave and press "Make Food", or however it works in The Sims.

Games are just different of real life, no matter how realistic you make a game. They shouldn´t be supposed to imitate life, but just let the player have some fun.
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