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Originally posted by blackcornflake

I have dabbled with Masters of Orion 2 and Shogun: Total War. I find LAN play interesting, but still find it falls somewhat short of actually sitting round with other dudes.

I usually play Lan in the company of a couple of mates(i've got access to a few pc's in the same place) - i'm not into the online game thing much. At least with friends you can sit around and have a beer and a laugh at the same time! I really wish they would sort out the 'strategic map' section of Shogun(or Medieval for that matter) so you could play the whole campaign in multiplayer - that would be a very great mp experience!


I guess 'tekken' in the real world would be the after pub fight or post-football match rumble


ain't that the truth!


Joining a swat team will be much more stimulating than shooting a few bots that's for sure:eek

Is it just me or do i see our childrens,children growing big heads like the mekon(comic character) and a few more fingers to better manipulate the game controllers, and maybe floating around on some kinda hoverdisk? So i still stand by my coviction that i'd choose R/L over virtual - even for the bad stuff. Games are cool though and been part of my life since the early days - just liked getting out into the world as well, kinda keeps it balanced i find?
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