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Well, I'm finally going to get around to testing this on my ACA1230/28..
I know, it will probably be a bit slow.. ;-)
Figured I'd start with Full Throttle to really push the hardware..
Also, I own that one on the PC. However, we moved a few years ago and I haven't unpacked my PC games, so I figured I'd just DL it.. Found it.. It's been going for 2 hours and says it has an hour to go.. ;-(
I should have just dug out my boxes and found my CD.. ;-)
Oh well, I'll let you know how/if it runs...
(Maybe not tonight tho.. Wow.. uncompressing the almost 300M zip to my Amiga is taking forever!!!! :-)

p.s. So, would a MIDI interface to a MIDI keyboard help performance? Supported?
Not sure why I ask, as I don't have a MIDI interface.. ;-)

OK, the game is running now.. The sound and animation plays, although it is, as expected, fairly jerky. Especially the animation frames...
When I get to the game play (point and click) part, the movement is pretty good..
One weird thing tho, the voices aren't speaking. While I could hear them during the intro (Ripburger, you're dumber than dirt! :-), when in the game, I can't hear them talking.. But I do hear other sounds..
I can hear the background music, the sound when he punches out of the dumpster, the sound of him walking around.
Just no voices when he reads things or when he should be saying "I'm not putting my lips on that" (Yes, I remember. I love this game) or when he's talking to the bartender...

I'm not very familiar with AHI.. It was set for 8-bit FAST mono. I changed it to 8-bit FAST stereo and hit save. Restarted the game. Didn't seem to make much of a difference in performance actually..
I am starting it with '"Scummvm AGA" -enull' (I read somewhere to try disabling MIDI and wasn't sure if that would do it..)..
I'll try some more things..
Also, since I DLd these files instead of pulling them from my CD, it could be them.. I'll have to find my boxes with my CDs..

Also, I know you know this, but the game interface to launch is really really slow. ;-) I used that to set up the game in the first place and that was painful. Using '"Scummvm AGA" -enull ft' so I can skip that..

Oh, and the last 2 times I've hit F5 and chosen quit, it quits to WB, and then GURUs...


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