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Hi all,
just to keep you updated.
This last week I've been adding the Achievements page to the game. I drew some little Trophies in D-Paint and been putting them in the secret rooms for you all to find. I counted 16 hidden rooms. Also got some of the other achievements working too, including 'The Killing of that damn Level 6 UFO' for Predseda.
If any one else has an idea on an achievement now is the time to tell.
Added more sound FX, one of which makes the character shout "Arrrrrrrrrh" while he is falling from a great height. It uses a lot of memory so A1200 only. On that topic, what I don't know is; how to get my game to know how much memory the Amiga the game is running on has. There are commands in BlitzBasic2 to tell me what Processor the game is running on but NOT how much memory. So, at this moment in time if you have a A500+ or A600 computer WITH extra memory, sorry to say my game will only use 1 meg of it. A long shot, but if any one would know? please say.

The game is still coming along nicely. When I do finally get it out the door I'm sure you will like . I did say coming soon, but I can not stop tweaking it .
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