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I actually happen to like all three SotB games... I like SotB2 the most, then the first and I like SotB3 the least... but admittedly, this is probably because of nostalgia as I have to admit the gameplay is probably better in SotB3 than in the first game.

But anyway, I've always enjoyed the mood in these games, and for some reason I find even the very basic gameplay of Beast 1 addictive... played through it at least 10-15 times or so total

But I will admit this is a case of me liking a game despite its gameplay and not because of it... it does feel great when you've played it enough to really master it, though.
It's a nice feeling when parts of the game that used to seem near impossible become managable and eventually even easy.

Tried out a bunch of ports too but I find the Amiga one is the best, bar none... because of the great atmosphere mainly.
The SNES and Lynx versions differ greatly in design and it might be argued the gameplay in those is a bit better... but sadly they messed up the music in the SNES version and the Lynx is a handheld game so the music there is nowhere near as good.

The Commodore 64 version has great SID renditions of the tunes, btw... it's quite an impressive game for the C64, but I wish they had drawn the graphics better.
They're technically impressive but from an artistic viewpoint, they're not really that great.
For one thing it always bugged me they picked black as the outside background color.

And finally - if you find it silly how the final boss fight in the Amiga version has you hitting a giant foot while avoiding a big club.... well, the C64 version is even more laughable here - in this version you're hitting a toenail on the giant foot! Until it falls off and the boss is defeated

EDIT - some shameless self-promotion for my dead channel I haven't updated in ages now But it has longplays of several of the various Beast versions, just in case you would like to have a look at how different some of them are (or maybe have a look at the forementioned final boss in the C64 version )... just search for Beast or something like that and you should find several videos.

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