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Demobase Amiga V2 Released !

The Netherlands, 26 March 2011

Welcome to Demobase Amiga V2!
This is THE biggest demo archive for your enjoyment.
Relive the past with this collection of Amiga Demos,Intros,Musicdisks,Slideshows etc etc.
I must thank the creators of Gamebase V1.3 , without this nice front-end for different emulators
i could not have done this. Thanx Guys !
Also my thanx goes to the fellas from Bitworld >
Without their gigantic online database this would not have been possible. Thank you fellas !

It's been about 2 years now .....
I did not get very much help until now,but the help i got i'm very thankfull for.
If you get interested after looking at this Demobase ,plz let me know.
First you have to install Gamebase V1.3 on your PC.


Here's how to use this program.

And offcourse you will need to download the latest Winuae , the best Amiga Emulator by Toni Willen.

How to use Winuae and what you need to get it working:

Fonts in Amiga Style with install instructions are included,
u need to adjust the background color yourself,should be no problem.

I want to thank MAD for his help!
Splash screens,gfx,database cleanup and much more !
I want to thank Paul Irvine for helping me with the NON working demos.
And i want to thank Asle for decrunching some demos for me!
I hope i havent forgot anyone.

Demobase Amiga is a work in progress,so remember that !
When installed plz go to the "Configured" view ,thats the place u want to be.

If you find demos in this view that don't work properly plz let us know !

We hope u will have fun with this Demobase !

If you want to help to get some NOT WORKING demos to work,let me know !

Join the discussion to make this Demobase the best plz.

Demobase Amiga Team
Paul Irvine

Download it at UG:
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