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Originally Posted by Methanoid View Post
Some Guy at posted he has bought one of these boards. How the heck? There's been no announcement of going on sale has there?
MikeJ mentioned that at least one board had been sent to jakub and I think that boards from the first ten produced may have gone to other developers for beta testing. MikeJ had a list of people that had shown interest in buying one of the first ten boards from an earlier thread on one of the forum sites, so it is probable that this guy is one of those persons that made it onto that list of people that wanted to buy from the first production run.

It should not be too long before the 50 boards are ready from the second production run and unless MikeJ already has a list of 50 people waiting for all of those, there should be some available for anyone that is not already on the list to purchase. I suggest that anyone that wants one should send MikeJ an email, or PMail and ask to be placed on the list of people to contact when they are ready to be sold.

Forgive me MikeJ if you want to handle it some other way.
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