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Aca630 & A600 Fs

I am ready to give up on my recently purchased ACA630 & A600 combination. After purchasing my ACA630, I found out that my A600 has some kind of keyboard problem that I have been unable to resolve. If anyone wants to buy them both, plus the Individual Computer's A600 RAM expansion for the trap door that allows the installation of the IndivisionECS, maybe you will have better luck fixing the problem.

The A600 runs and boots fine. Games that only require a joystick to play work without any problems. The keyboard used to work a little with an intermittent problem that would occur causing incorrect keyboard output to occur and/or hesitation of keyboard response to key presses. On some occasions, different key characters would display while pressing the same key repeatedly. At other times certain keys would appear to get stuck (though not physically) and an incorrect key character would repeat, until sometimes stopping after hitting the keyboard at another key, or the escape key.

I tried to find a replacement keyboard, or keyboard membrane, but was unsuccessful so far. I scraped the keyboard membrane contacts where they contact the connector on the motherboard, which seemed to improve the problem slightly, but with repeated scraping in hopes to resolve it more, I think I have scraped it down too far and damaged the keyboard membrane that pushes into the motherboard connector. I was sent a replacement A600 keyboard that is defective and the bottom row of keys does not respond that I will include with the purchase for the buyer to see if they can get either keyboard to work. So, if anyone is interested in buying a partially working A600 with spare damaged keyboard, plus an ACA630/25MHz accelerator that is brand new and the Individual Computer's 1mb RAM expansion for the A600's trap door, let me know. The ACA630 alone sells for $182 and I will consider all offers for the whole package of items described, or for any of the items individually.

Edit: Just to be clear, this keyboard problem has nothing to do with the ACA630. It is just that I had not been using my A600 prior to the purchase of the ACA630 and did not notice the problem until just a couple days before the ACA630 arrived in my mail.
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