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Cloanto has only a rom license, they can't give it away for free or anything without getting in legal trouble. But thats enough of that topic..

To stay ontopic, here is quick changelog of random contents:

- 2.x-3.1 WB disks should boot without problems, now also includes correct palette and mouse cursor settings.
- fully compatible with WB2+ C:IPrefs now.
- 1.x works except C:Run (which only outputs errors) and AROS resident Run requires T: -> WB disk must be write-enabled.. Will be fixed later.
- devs:system-configuration is loaded and used (1.x boot disk correct colors etc..)
- reset proof programs supported (kicktags, coldcapture etc)
- ArosBootStrap comes with source tree, Aros softkick loader that works on any Amiga that has either 2M of chip or 1M or more local fast RAM. (*)

Known problems:

- do not use OS3.5+ setpatch, it is never going to work without specific setpatch detection.
- system patches like FBlit etc can't be compatible. Do not use.
- Scalos does not work, reason unknown.

- custom chipset driver is still slow
- audio.device still does nothing
- not all aros native math libraries support FPU or all software functions
- modeids are still "random". Fixing this requires aros graphics subsystem changes.

*) Possibly the only native Amiga C program that directly calls 1.x BCPL functions! We wanted to make it any KS compatible, unfortunately for example ReadArgs() is 2.0+ only, fortunately 1.x BCPL DOS has similar function
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