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Aaah! All those useless debate memories!

We're talking about playground riffs, but I was at college in my speccy days (mid 80's) and there was that hippie fellow at class who used to write free-lance game reviews for a C64 local mag. He was a progressive-rock listener and I was into psycho-billy (yeah, that helped a lot too! ). We were supossed to be adult mature open-minded people but, of course, kids playground brawling looked like sophisticate disscussions beside our "my-computer-is-better-than-yours" constant rant

Going back on-topic I don't feel quite enthusiast about this so called Spectrum re-release (whatever it finally happen to be) but am currently working on two classic spectrum related personnal projects. First is adding a SD HxC floppy emulator to my Spectrum +3 to work as a second external drive (a cased model and the required cables are on their way home right now) and second is getting a 48k Plus model (which was my first personnal computer ever!) to use with a divide thing (both speccy 48+ and divide also on their way home right now!)

Once I have settled all that next step is require the services of a skilled-in-soldering friend to hack into the 48k+ and make the hardware mod to give it composite video output so I have a better chance to use it with a modern monitor. In payment I'll give to him my Amstrad CPC 464 which will be replaced by the new speccy guest, as I don't have enough space for more retro-gaming stuff at home.

Next step in the master plan is, of course, world domination, so I have free time to go on my always-on-progress text adventure!

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