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Originally Posted by andreas View Post
Let me guess, Toni: licensing issue?
Considering that the original C= WB (in case you were speaking of that) is still under copyright.
That's not the issue, AROS has Wanderer, which is the Workbench replacement. The problem is Wanderer is *big* and depends on Zune (MUI), and AmigaOS has most of Workbench in Kickstart (C:Loadwb and Libs:workbench.library both only contains support stuff).

On x86 it's not a problem, but putting Wanderer in the AROS m68k kickstart so C:Loadwb can work makes it too big and bulky when you add in all the stuff it depends on, so Jason McMullen wrote "Workbook" which is a much smaller Workbench replacement as a lightweight alternative, but that's at a much earlier stage than Wanderer.

Originally Posted by gilgamesh View Post
Cloanto stated somewhere on his site that he endorsed a free KS substitute. But maybe he thought it would never see the light of day anyway.
They've put up money towards the bounty ($111 towards bounty II), so I do think they'd like it to see the light of day - after all it could eventually mean not having to pay license fees for the real AmigaOS.

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